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~ Reprise From~
December 13, 1998

Note About The Editor
By Editorial Board

     CLOVIS -- Howard E. Hobbs, PhD, Ford Fellow, Emeritus at University of California, was born in Kansas City Missouri in 1935. Dr. Hobbs founded the Bulldog Newspaper at Fresno State College in 1958.
    He received his B.A. in Political Science from Fresno State College in 1959 and his M.A. Thesis in Psychology in 1973.
     He taught Business Ethics courses at National University in the 1990's and at Fresno State's Business Center. He lectured widely on journalism and business management issues at Wharton School of Business in cooperation with The Employee Benefit Institute of Fresno.
     He completed doctoral studies in psychology at the Graduate School,University of Southern California in 1981. The title of his 300 page dissertation - "The Moral Domain" attracted widespread interest among university and practicing psychologists.
    He has lectured widely at colleges and universities in the United states and Japan.
    The first of his books on usage of language was published in Japan in 1956. He writes of his US Marine NCO experience in the Far East, "I always lived hugely, performed my duty in the Marines with honor, worked hard and took pride in my family and always thought of myself as a typical news journalist."
      After release from active duty at the close of the Korean conflict he gradually resumed his writing career in civilian life in Fresno. His 1992 textbook The Limits & Possibilities of Vocational Rehabilitation was obtained by the Henry Madden Library at Fresno State and is currently in circulation damand.
     His open writing style and convincing manner drew him success in journalism and personal commitment to meeting daily editorial deadlines in Fresno at the Bulldog News and the Daily Republican, which boasted an enormous national readership by 1979.
    The Clovis Free Press news sheet was founded in 1962.
The weekly eventually was shuttered. Hobbs, with the technical engineering of his son Thomas, stepped in to reopen the Clovis Free Press in free digital format. It is a quick loading digitally accessible news wire service delivered through the medium of an Internet BroadBand Server. The rest is history. The Clovis Free Press now boasts daily 82,992 readership circulation and growing.
    Business offices are situated in the mid-rise located in the Old Town Parking Facility east of Tarpey Station at 754 Third St., Suite 102-A.

Job Description:

Position: Editor, Journalist
Location: Clovis, California Date posted: 12/14/2002

    Direct the daily news service in digital-print online journalism with a combined daily readership of 1,923,596 daily readership login. Committed to fostering staff's' professional skills and to journalism's contribution to a larger universe of news publications including, the Daily Republican, The Fresno, Republican, The Bulldog News at Fresno State, The American Law Review, and the California Star Newspaper.
     Teaching responsibilities include courses in news writing and specialized reporting. The position lends itself in the melding of research and practice, the ability to consult with management in additional areas such as media law, political communication or quantitative methods is preferred.
     The editor also pursues an active research and professional agenda. Administrative duties include overseeing and maintaining the quality of our national award-winning Bulldog News campus newspaper.
     Required qualifications for the editor include significant professional experience and a Ph.D. in journalism or a relevant field.
    This newspaper is dedicated to the integration of different forms of knowledge and to stimulating the creative and humane use of that knowledge.    

Letter to the Editor

©1962-2001 Clovis Free Press. All rights reserved.
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