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Vol. 17  No. 21 Final Edition
Clovis Free Press
Friday April 20, 2001
Defend It Or Lose It.
By Lowell Thomas Shoemaker, Contributo

        CLOVIS -- The United States Of America has endured since 1776 as vigilant people fought against those things which could have destroyed our nation. The freedoms we enjoy set us apart from every other nation on the planet. Millions of people have given their all to come to our shores and millions are still clamoring to get in and live in America.
     Most of the nations of the world were serfdoms when America was founded and most of the people in the world are still not truly free. What is serfdom when contrasted with freedom? The word serf comes from the Latin word "servus" meaning a slave. Many of those in serfdom came to America as indentured slaves, and in return for the cost of their passage to America they worked out their time and became free.
     Some of my forefathers came here as Hessian soldiers taken out of debtors' prisons to fight with the English against the American colonists. When Washington's Troops defeated the British at the Battle of Trenton these German mercenaries agreed to fight for the new American government in exchange for the right to live free.
     Many of our forefathers were sold into slavery and were brought to America to work in the fields of wealthy landowners. Many years later America threw off the yoke of British colonialism which ultimately led to the abolition of slavery by President Lincoln.
     Many of us have seen, in our own lifetime, millions of Americans escape from the 'slavery of poverty' using education and work to become partakers of the American Dream. In the movie "Field of Dreams" the watch words were "If you build it, they will come".
     People are still coming to America by the millions, from the serfdom of Mexico, from the rice paddies of communist China, from the former communist bloc, they are streaming to freedom. Even our cousins north of us are fleeing into America from the oppression of socialism in Canada. Any force that attempts to steal our freedom is a cruel enemy. The socialist agenda is rampant in the halls of the U. S. Congress.
     That force says: We will tax away your wealth, but, don't worry We will see that you are fed and clothed and housed and We will decide what you need and when you need it. Go find an unabridged dictionary more than forty years old and look up the word socialism and this is the gist of what it will read: "Socialism, in the communist doctrine, is the stage of society coming between the Capitalist Stage and the Communist Stage , in which the private ownership of the means of production and distribution has been eliminated, as in the Soviet Union."
     At the present time 'my fellow Americans' we are losing our freedoms to a socialist agenda by not voicing our protest to our elected officials in Washington D. C. As a U.S. citizen we each have two U.S. Senators and one delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives whose job it is to work for us. It is past time for us to contact these people and give them orders on how we want things done. If they don't obey, we let them know we'll hire someone who will not continue to remove our freedoms.

    [Editor's Note: Mr. Shoemaker is an architect in private practice in Shreveport, La. since 1959. His e-mail is lsarch@bellsouth.net].    

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