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May 16, 2001
California State Fresno
Considers New Policy on Alcohol
By Amy Williams, Staff Writer

    FRESNO STATE -- The California State University System is expected to institute a sweeping alcohol policy in the fall that would apply to Cal State Fresno all of CSU campuses.
     The policy, which system officials say would be the first of its kind, would limit alcohol-related advertising and require campuses to develop early-treatment programs, among other things. California State, the largest public-university system in the country, currently has no systemwide policies on alcohol.
     Chancellor Charles B. Reed called for a review of campus alcohol policies after the death of Adrian Heideman at California State University at Chico last October. Heideman was drinking alcohol during a Pi Kappa Phi fraternity party and passed-out. He later died. Heideman's blood-alcohol level of 0.37 at the time of death according to a coroner's report
     Chancellor Reed appointed Dr. John D. Welty, president of Cal State Fresno, to head up a panel that will recommend policy on campus alcholol. Though no prohibition of alohol sales of alcohol on campous has been proposed, Welty is expected totake a close look at the sale of alcoholic beverages at campus sponsored athletic events.
   The new CSU policy could provide funds to help CSU Fresno and other campuses to take stes to formulate policies. Chancellor Reed told reporters that he anticipated theat the new policy would, "...be a comprehensive attack on the problems that alcohol brings to campuses."
     "Students,want to go out and experiment with alcohol and frankly don't have the maturity to do that and don't understand the consequences of what they're doing," he said..

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