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Vol. 17  No. 21 Final Edition
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April 12, 2001

My Big Government
Less is More!

By Howard Hobbs Ph.D. President
Valley Press Media Network

MyBig Index
Regulatory Govt.

Legal Resources

California Demographic
and Economic Data

Financial News and

Banking Related

California Newspapers

CBA Members on Web

Personal Finance Links

My Regulatory Government

Regulatory Sites

FDIC -Includes banking news, official FDIC documents, laws,regulations and consumer news.
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - Statistics and information sources for banks including enforcement activities and regulation.
California Department of Financial Institutions - Includes strategic plan, notices, press releases and consumer information.
Federal Reserve Board - Information on the FRB including reports to Congress, and testimony and speeches of FRB members.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco - Offers information on savings bonds, economic research and community affairs.
Code of Federal Regulations - Searchable database of public regulations issued by the agencies of the Federal government.

California Government Sites

California Bills - Full text of bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments.
California Government - A Guide to California Officials, Agencies & Laws.

Federal Government Sites

Thomas - Comprehensive information on Federal legislation.
U.S. House of Representatives - Provides legislative calendar and voting records.
Home Pages of Representatives - Visit the home page of your representative, including direct e-mail link.
U.S. Senate - Provides information on recent legislative actions and upcoming events.
The House Committee on Banking and Financial Services - Provides membership information, weekly schedule, and current bills, reports and hearings.
Government Printing Office - Information about the publications available from the federal government and how to obtain them.
FedWorld - Comprehensive central access point for locating and acquiring government information.
Federal Government Agencies - a clean, easy-to-use listing with web links  

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My Legal Resources

California Codes - Codes are organized by subject in this searchable database.
California Judicial Branch - Links to California Courts and all California appellate decisions for the last 60 days.
California Law -Daily opinion service covering the US Supreme Court, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, California Supreme Court and all California Courts of Appeal.
Cornell's Legal Information Institute - Great legal resource with many subject based links.
United States Codes - Includes all US codes as of January 1994.
U.S. Court of Appeal for 9th Circuit - Opinions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit since June 1995.

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My California Demographic and Economic Data

California Department of Finance - Monthly finance bulletins, demographic information, California's budget and fiscal information for state agencies.
UCLA-Anderson Forecast - One of the nation's premier business forecasts.
CEDAR California Economy - Facts, trends, news and reports on California's economic and fiscal outlook.

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My Financial News and Information

American Banker - Source for information and news about the financial services marketplace.
Bank Rate Monitor - Consumer bank rates on a variety of mortgages, loans, credit cards and CDS.
Business Week - Online version of the weekly business magazine.
CNN fn- Ted Turner's newest venture, the Financial Network.
Dow Jones - From the people who bring you the Wall Street Journal.
The Economist - Online version of the weekly news and opinion journal.
Financial Times - Global perspective on the world's business, economic and political news.
MSNBC - Up-to-the-minute news from around the world.
Stockmaster - Provides stock and mutual fund quotes as well as the company's historical charts.
Reuters - One of the best sources for business news.
Wall Street Journal - Continually updated global business news and quotes.

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My Banking Related Resources

American Bankers Association- Information on banking issues, products and services for bankers.
Bank Technology News - Information on the latest developments in banking technology.
The Banker's Connection - Site created for bankers to connect with others involved in the financial services industry.
The Money Page - Comprehensive guide to banking and finance.
Bankinfo.com - Assorted bank-related information from Thomson Publishing.
Microbanker Online - Virtual exhibit hall featuring new technologies for financial institutions and electronic commerce.
Thomson Financial Publishing Blue Book Online - Guide to bank product and service providers.
Online Banking & Financial Services Directory - Links to hundreds of banks, investment services and other financial services.

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My California Digital News

Clovis Fee Press Newspaper
Daily Republican Newspaper
Fresno Bee Newspaper
Fresno Republican Newspaper
Los Angeles Times

Orange County Register
Sacramento Bee
San Francisco Chronicle & Examiner
San Jose Mercury News
San Diego Union-Tribune
The Paperboy - Comprehensive listing of California's online newspapers.
Tower District Newspaper
Total News
- Links to over 1,000 national and international news sources.

Valley Press Media Network
Woodward Park News
Yosemite News


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My Personal Finance Links

Consumer Credit Counseling Service - Information and budgeting strategies to help manage your money.
Salary Calculator- Compares the cost of living in hundreds of cities. Calculate the salary you need to live in the same style in another city.
Kelly Blue Book - Find out the value of your old car. Provides current prices for new cars as well.
Social Security - Provides information on the cost of living, welfare reform, medicare information. You can also compute your own Social Security benefit estimate.
The Universal Currency Converter - Allows you to conduct foreign exchange rate conversion on the Internet.

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