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Vol. 17  No. 21 Final Edition
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Monday April 16, 2001
New City Council
Denied Request
Then Flip-Flops on Parking Recreation Vehicles
In Home Driveways Over Labor Day!

By Amy Williams, Staff Writer

      CLOVIS - - Local resident, Bob Levinson, asked City Planner Dwight Kroll to consider non-enforcement of the City's Recreational Vehicle Ordinance over Labor Day this year.
      Kroll brought the matter up at the Council Meeting tonight and indicated that the City has an established comprehensive ordinance related to off-street parking with specific criteria pertaining to recreational vehicles and their storage within single-family zone districts.
      He said that the Code Enforcement Division, as well as the Clovis Police Department, respond to a significant number of illegally placed and stored recreational vehicles in the front yard area as well as the public right-of-way during the summer months.
      Kroll indicated that staff was in receipt Bob Levinson's written request that an enforcement suspension be established during the peak summer months from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If the request were to be granted, granted the action would provide residential property owners in Clovis with the right to maintain one recreational vehicle within the driveway of their residence during the peak summer months.
     However, Kroll told City Council members that the Planning staff was recommending denial of the applicant's request for general safety factors, suitability for single family zone districts, size limitations, and enforcement problems created by the suspension.
    Those speaking in favor of relaxing the Code provisions were, Bob Levinson, 1437 Beverly Avenue; Joe Pasco, 1416 Beverly Avenue; Mike Oakland, 1426 Beverly Avenue; Carol Oakland, 1426 Beverly Avenue; Isabel Lawson, 820 Cherryfield; Ron Sundquist, 1723 Fowler.
    In opposition a to the request to allow recreation vehicle at the residences wrew, Bob Wallert, 2484 Woodworth. He also praised the Planning staff for the development of a good ordinance and recommended that no changes be made to it.
    Following a brief discussion by the Council, the motion by Councilmember Wynne, seconded by Councilmember Ashbeck, that the Council deny the request to consider non-enforcement of the City's Recreational Vehicle Ordinance to allow parking of recreational vehicles in residential driveways from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
And directing staff to temporarily modify the enforcement of the ordinance by extending the grace period from 24 to 48 hours which citizens are allowed to keep recreational vehicles in front of their residences before and after use for a trial period between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year and directing staff to continue to meet with citizens to gather additional information both for and against the applicant's proposal and report back after the trial period.
     The Motion carried with Councilmember Armstrong and Councilmember Magsig voting no.

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