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Vol. 17  No. 21 Final Edition
Clovis Free Press
Wednesday October 4, 2000

Bush Impressive in Debate
As Gore Self-Destructs

By Amy Williams
The Clovis Free Press

Bush's vision for America!     CLOVIS -- Vice President Albert Gore's veracity was challenged after he made a false claim during the Presidential Debate in Boston on Tuesday evening. Gore's stiff and mechanical style of debate and at least one false claim cost him dearly. Gore told the American people, "I accompanied James Lee Witt, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to inspect Texas floods and fires". George W. Bush challenged the claim. After the debate, Gore's campaign clarified that the vice president had not accompanied Witt, as claimed.
     Gore accused Bush of supporting a plan that leaves children in failing schools for three years before giving parents vouchers to help pay for private schools. Mr. Gore, however, concealed that the accountability provisions in his own school plan also leaves children in failing school for three years before giving parents and students help.
    Using standard college debate criteria for reasoning, evidence, organization, refutation, cross-examination and presentation, Governor Bush clearly edged out Vice President Gore, largely on the way he countered Gore's accusations and coolly reasserted his plan to save Social Security.
     Gore failed to counter with meaningful content, Instead, Mr. Gore persisted with numerous histrionics and interruptions in a loud, overbearing oratory coupled with inappropriate chuckling, heavy breathing into the open microphone accompanied by facial grimaces caught on national TV, as Bush explained his vision for America's future in a calm and persuasive factual presentation.
      In an instant poll conducted by Newsday immediately following the debate, George Bush edged ahead at 62.4% while Albert Gore polled a meager 33.3%, neither 4.3%.
     Demonstrators thronged outside the debate. Seven were arrested by police as protesters knocked over a barricade.
     Meanwhile, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, in the September 25 issue published an obituary for a 71-year-old Ohio man who encouraged those who wanted to pay tribute to him to simply do what he cannot in November: Vote for Republican George W. Bush for president. James E. Fete died Tuesday. The last line of his obituary in the aptly named Canton Repository [9/21] read: "In lieu of flowers, vote Bush"

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