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Clovis Free Press Booknotes
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Buy me!The Abortion Debate (Headliners); Claudia M. Caruana; Library Binding; $16.90

Buy me!After Ideology: Recovering the Spiritual Foundations of Freedom; David Walsh; Paperback; $14.95

Buy me!Al Gore: Vice President (A Gateway Biography); Rebecca Stefoff; Library Binding; $14.40

Buy me!The Almanac of European Politics, 1995; Matthew Cossolotto; Hardcover; $51.95

Buy me!America Held Hostage: The Iran Hostage Crisis and the Iran-Contra Affair (Twentieth Century American History Book); Don Lawson; School & Library Binding; $18.99

Buy me!American Political Scientists : A Dictionary; Glenn H. Utter, et al; Hardcover; $89.50

Buy me!American Political Thought: Four Hundred Years of Ideas and Ideologies; Sue Davis, Sue Davis; Paperback; $43.89

Buy me!Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, 1798-1939; Albert Habib Hourani; Paperback; $28.95

Buy me!Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? (An 'Uncle Eric' Book); Richard J. Maybury; Paperback; $9.95

Buy me!Arendt and Heidegger: The Fate of the Political; Dana Richard Villa; Paperback; $17.96

Buy me!Around the Cragged Hill: A Personal and Political Philosophy; George F. Kennan; Hardcover; $20.66

Buy me!The Art of Being Ruled; Wyndham Lewis, Reed Way Dasenbrock; Paperback; $13.50

Buy me!The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition; Willmoore Kendall, George Wescott Carey; Paperback; $14.95

Buy me!Before Resorting to Politics (Shaftesbury Papers, 5); Anthony De Jasay; Paperback; $12.95

Buy me!The Berlin Wall (Turning Points in World History); Lisa Mirabile; Library Binding; $14.95

Buy me!Bertrand Russell: A Political Life; Alan Ryan; Paperback; $11.65

Buy me!The Best Test Prep for the Advanced Placement Exams in Government and Politics; Anita C. Danker; Paperback; $18.95

Buy me!Bill Clinton (A Taking Part Book); Victoria Sherrow; Library Binding; $13.95

Buy me!Bill Clinton: Our 42nd President (Gateway Biography); Robert Cwiklik; Library Binding; $14.40

Buy me!Boris Yeltsin (The Chelsea House Library of Biography); Kate Schecter; Library Binding; $19.95

Buy me!The Breakup of the Soviet Union (Conflicts); Bernard Harbor; Library Binding; $13.95

Buy me!Building Confidence in Outer Space Activities : Csbms and Earth-To-Space Monitoring; Pericles Gasparini Alves, Pericles Gasparini Alves; Hardcover; $69.95

Buy me!The Cambridge History of Political Thought 1450-1700; J. H. Burns, et al; Paperback; $39.95

Buy me!Campaign Financing : Politics and the Power of Money (Issue and Debate); Suzanne M. Coil; Library Binding; $16.90

Buy me!Careers Inside the World of Government (Careers & Opportunities); Sue Hurwitz; Library Binding; $14.95

Buy me!Castro (Impact); Don E. Beyer; School & Library Binding; $20.43

Buy me!Check It Out!; Edmund J. Pankau; Paperback; $9.85

Buy me!Children of the Swastika: The Hitler Youth; Eileen Heyes; Library Binding; $16.40

Buy me!Church and State: Government and Religion in the United States (Issue and Debate); Kathlyn Gay; Library Binding; $16.90

Buy me!The City and Man; Leo Strauss; Paperback; $13.95

Buy me!Civil Rights Leaders (Profiles of Great Black Americans); Richard Scott Rennert; Library Binding; $14.95

Buy me!The Cold War; Michael G. Kort; Library Binding; $17.40

Buy me!Common Sense (Great Books in Philosophy); Thomas Paine; Paperback; $5.35

Buy me!The Common Sense of Politics; Mortimer J. Adler; Hardcover; $26.96

Buy me!Common Sense, the Rights of Man and Other Essential Writings of Thomas Paine; Thomas Paine; Paperback; $9.85

Buy me!Conceiving of Europe: Diversity in Unity; Andreas Musolff, et al; Hardcover; $62.95

Buy me!The Concept of the Political; Carl Schmitt, et al; Paperback; $10.95

Buy me!The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics (Oxford Paperback Reference); Iain McLean; Paperback; $11.65

Buy me!Conflict in Southern Africa (Conflicts); Chris Smith; Library Binding; $13.95

Buy me!Confronting the Constitution : The Challenge to Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson, and the Federalists from Utilitarianism, Historicism, Marxism, Freudis; Allan Bloom; Paperback; $19.95

Buy me!The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot; Russell Kirk; Hardcover; $22.46

Buy me!Constitutional Law and Young Adults; Peter G. Renstrom; Hardcover; $35.00

Buy me!Contemporary Political and Social Philosophy; Ellen Frankel Paul, et al; Paperback; $21.95

Buy me!Court Maxims (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought); Algernon Sidney, et al; Paperback; $18.95

Buy me!The Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787; Gordon S. Wood; Paperback; $13.45

Buy me!Creative Breakthroughs in Politics; Neal Riemer; Hardcover; $55.00

Buy me!Democracy and Technology (The Conduct of Science Series); Richard Sclove, Steve Fuller; Paperback; $18.95

Buy me!Democratic Philosophy and the Politics of Knowledge; Richard T. Peterson; Hardcover; $76.50

Buy me!Discourse on Political Economy and the Social Contract (World's Classics); Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Christopher Betts; Paperback; $5.35

Buy me!Discourse on the Origin of Inequality (The World's Classics); Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Franklin Philip; Paperback; $7.15

Buy me!Discourses; N. Machivelli; Paperback; $8.95

Buy me!Discourses on Livy; Niccolo Machiavelli, et al; Hardcover; $39.95

Buy me!Do We Need a New Constitution? (Democracy in Action); Gerald Leinwand; School & Library Binding; $20.43

Buy me!Dominion and Liberty: Ideology and the Anglo-American World 1660-1801; Robert M. Calhoon; Paperback; $13.95

Buy me!Double-Edged Diplomacy: International Bargaining and Domestic Politics (Studies in International Political Economy, No 25); Peter B. Evans, et al; Paperback; $17.95

Buy me!Eleanor Roosevelt (Peacemakers); Caroline Evensen Lazo; Library Binding; $13.95

Buy me!Electing a U.S. President; Diana Reische; School & Library Binding; $20.43

Buy me!Election Day 2084: A Science Fiction Anthology on the Politics of the Future; Isaac Asimov; Paperback; $19.76

Buy me!Enemies of the Permanent Things: Observations of Abnormality in Literature and Politics; Russell Kirk; Paperback; $9.85

Buy me!Essays in Understanding: 1930-1954; Hannah Arendt, Jerome Kohn; Hardcover; $35.96

Buy me!The Essential Frankfurt School Reader; Andrew Arato, Eike Gebhardt; Paperback; $19.95

Buy me!Faith and Political Philosophy: The Correspondence Between Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin, 1934-1964; Leo Strauss, et al; Hardcover; $45.00

Buy me!Female Leaders (Profiles of Great Black Americans); Richard Rennert; Library Binding; $14.95

Buy me!Fighting Sprawl and City Hall: Resistance to Urban Growth in the Southwest; Michael F. Logan; Paperback; $18.95

Buy me!Founders of Modern Nations: A Biographical Dictionary; Neil A. Hamilton; Hardcover; $65.00

Buy me!The Founders, the Constitution, and Public Administration : A Conflict in World Views; Michael W. Spicer; Paperback; $12.55

Buy me!The Founding Presidents: A Sourcebook on the U.S. Presidency (American Albums from the Collections of the Library of Congress); Carter Smith; Library Binding; $18.90

Buy me!Freedom of Expression: The Right to Speak Out in America (Issue and Debate); Elaine Pascoe; Library Binding; $16.90

Buy me!From Tea Leaves to Opinion Polls: A Theory of Democratic Leadership (Power, Conflict, and Democracy); John G. Geer, John Gray Geer; Hardcover; $45.00

Buy me!Germany: The Reunification of a Nation (Hotspots); John Bradley, Catherine Bradley; School & Library Binding; $16.59

Buy me!The Golden Age Is in Us: Journeys & Encounters 1987-1994; Alexander Cockburn; Hardcover; $24.95

Buy me!Gorgias (The World's Classics); Plato, Robin Waterfield; Paperback; $6.25

Buy me!Great Figures of the World: 80 Political Cartoons; Ewert Karlsson, et al; Hardcover; $45.00

Buy me!The Great Issues of Politics: An Introduction to Political Science; Leslie Lipson; Hardcover; $77.00

Buy me!Great Political Theories Vol 1; Michael Curtis; Mass Market Paperback; $6.29

Buy me!Great Thinkers, Great Ideas : An Introduction to Western Thought; Vincent J. Falcone; Paperback; $17.50

Buy me!Hannah Arendt: Critical Essays (Suny Series in Political Theory : Contemporary Issues); Lewis P. Hinchman, Sandra K. Hinchman; Paperback; $18.95

Buy me!Hannah Arendt: Politics, History and Citizenship (Key Contemporary Thinkers); Phillip Hansen; Paperback; $13.45

Buy me!Harry S. Truman (An Impact Biography); Barbara Silberdick Feinberg; School & Library Binding; $20.43

Buy me!Harry S. Truman, President (Presidential Biography); Thomas Fleming; Library Binding; $15.85

Buy me!Hegel's Philosophy of Right; Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel; Paperback; $18.95

Buy me!Heidegger's Crisis: Philosophy and Politics in Nazi Germany; Hans Sluga; Hardcover; $33.50

Buy me!Henry Cisneros (Hispanics of Achievement); Christopher Henry; Library Binding; $19.95

Buy me!Henry Cisneros: Mexican-American Leader (Hispanic Heritage); Elizabeth Coonrod Martinez; Library Binding; $14.40

Buy me!Hillary Rodham Clinton: A New Kind of First Lady (The Achievers); Joann Bren Guernsey; Library Binding; $18.95

Buy me!Hillary Rodham Clinton: First Lady (A Gatweay Biography); Suzanne Levert; Library Binding; $14.40

Buy me!Human Nature and the Corpore Politico: Elements of Law (The World Classics); Thomas Hobbes, J.C.A. Gaskin; Paperback; $8.05

Clovis Free Press Booknotes

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